Sorry, trial versions are NOT available.

Individual LIDAR Widget apps are $350 USD per app.

Get the entire LIDAR Widgets Bundle for $1350 USD. If ArcInfo support is desired, add an additional $100 USD.

ASC/XYZ to STL 3D Model Batch Converter (non-terrain) sold separately.

The LIDAR Widgets Bundle consists of the following programs:
  • 1. LAStoContourDXF-Batch - Converts a single LAS/LAZ file or an entire folder of LAS/LAZ files into DXF contour maps.
  • 2. LAStoDXFMesh-Batch - Converts a single LAS/LAZ file or an entire folder of LAS/LAZ files into DXF terrain surfaces.
  • 3. LAStoDXFPointCloud-Batch - Converts a single LAS/LAZ file or an entire folder of LAS/LAZ files into DXF point clouds.
  • 4. LAStoDXF-TIN - Converts a LAS/LAZ file into a DXF surface model via triangulation.
  • 5. LAStoFeature-XYZ - Extracts features from a LAS/LAZ filed based on point classification for modeling/mapping and post processing.
  • 6. LAStoQWTMesh-Batch - Converts a single LAS/LAZ file or an entire folder of LAS/LAZ files into QWT terrain surfaces.
  • 7. MCC-LIDAR - GUI version of the MCC-LIDAR Ground return classification tool.
  • 8. MeshView - Viewer for mesh files and DEM's created by apps 6, and 13.
  • 9. QWTMesh2ContourDXF - converts a mesh created by apps 6 and 13 into a DXF contour map.
  • 10. QWTMesh2DXF - Converts a mesh created by apps 6 and 13 into an DXF terrain surface.
  • 11. XYZtoDXFPointCloud - Converts an ASCII XYZ file into an AutoCAD DXF point cloud.
  • 12. XYZtoDXF-TIN - Converts an ASCII XYZ file into a DXF terrain surface via triangulation.
  • 13. XYZtoQWTMesh - Converts an ASCII XYZ text file into a 3D terrain surface for viewing in MeshView.
  • 14. LatLonToUTM-LAS - Performs coordinate conversion from a LAT/LON LAS/LAZ file to a UTM LAS/LAZ file.
  • 15. PDAL Ground Return Classification Tool - GUI for PDAL Ground Return Point Classification. The PDAL Ground Classification Tool is significantly faster than MCC-LIDAR and also supports compressed LAS/LAZ files.
  • ASC/XYZ to 3D Model (Sold Separately Only) - XYZ to STL batch converter will read RAW XYZ point clouds and generate 3D models. This application uses the Ball-Pivoting Algorithm for surface reconstruction.
  • File Conversion Services Available on Request. Rates Listed Below:
    • 10 files or less - $300 USD per file
    • 11 to 49 files - $150 USD per file
    • 50 or more files - $80 USD per file
    Same day turn-around on all batch jobs of less than 100 files. Turn around time and rates apply to files not requiring any pre-processing.

    All payments are processed via PayPal. Please specify your delivery preferences, either a download link or an email attachment.

System Requirements

  • OS:
    • Windows 7 or greater
    • MacOS/OS X 10.12 or greater.
  • RAM:
    • 4 GB minimum
    • 16 GB or more recommended


Free technical support for life. Here are some recent updates:

  • Update: Aug. 14, 2018. Now supports LAS 1.4 files.

  • Update: Nov. 15, 2017. Contour mapping app updated.

  • Update: Sept. 13, 2017. XYZ to 3D Model Batch Converter ported to Linux.

  • Update: July 12, 2017. PDAL & MCC-LIDAR Ground Classificaton apps ported to OSX.

  • Update: June 26, 2017. Feature update for PDAL Ground Classification tool.

  • Update: June 22, 2017. LAT/LON to UTM LAS Converter added.

  • Update: June 20, 2017. PDAL Ground Classification added.

  • Update: June 14, 2017. Triangulation apps added.

  • Update: May 23, 2017. New ground classification tool added.

  • Update: May 10, 2017. Maintenance release to fix array overflow.

  • Update: Dec. 11, 2016. New ASC/XYZ to 3D model batch converter (STL output).

  • Update: Nov. 17, 2016. Reduced DXF point cloud file size by 30%.

  • Update: Oct. 20, 2016. Now with LAS/LAZ to contour map batch converter.

  • Update: Sept. 20, 2016. Now with LIDAR Feature Extraction tool.